I love playing with sunlight, composition, and finding reflections - my motto has always been, use what you’ve got. Combining those things in my work enhances mood and creates unexpected artistry, giving further depth to the images.

Jeff Gordon has spent his life turning his passions into his job. His love of photography started when his first daughter was born: it was important that he document her childhood and her experiences in the world. With a background in video (JAG Video Productions), he was able to move forward quickly with his photography. 

Jeff loves the challenge of creating fresh images with his own style and touch. He is passionate about shooting and working with light, creative composition, and editing. Jeff is always pushing the limits of his work, whether through trying out an inspired lighting technique, looking for a unique composition, or with his editing style. He is known for his strong work ethic, dedication to quality, and his passion. He is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure his clients are happy. 

Jeff is a portrait photographer for Numa International, and offers wedding, family and lifestyle shoots. He works on location, and also has a home studio.